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Future reality or nightmare?
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Yin and Yang
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Hi reader! Thanks for checking out my profile!
As you can no doubt tell, I am not only a TMNT fan, but also a Donatello fangirl. But that's not all of me. I am also a fanfiction writer, although I hope to publish my own book one day. I'm am currently pursuing my dream of being a journalist.
I have a love of learning, and can't seem to absorb in enough facts to satisfy me. I have always enjoyed a good book, so if you know one, let me know!
Anyways, my current project is my TMNT fanfiction "Same As It Never Was Origins: Phase IV: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"". It is placed in the 2012 series, but is based on the 2003 "Same As It Never Was" (obviously). It is the sequel to my previous TMNT fanfiction series, Same As It Never Origins: Phase I (Slumber's Torture), Phase II (The Monster Inside), and Phase III (Insanity), the previous being made into a comic. Pretty excited about that.
Alright, so enough of me rambling. Go enjoy some art!

My Best Friends

:iconquantumstudios: QuantumStudios- My alter account for pure fiction work with Garrison005. We would love it if you checked us out!

:icongarrison005: Garrison005- My absolute wonderful boyfriend who is also an extremely talented artist. I can't imagine life without him.

:iconbeautifulending: BeautifulEnding- She's my sister, and the best friend someone could have. We joke around that if the sisters fight, then our friendship brings us back together, and if the friends fight, our sisterly bond mend whatever was broken.

:iconmercenary500: Mercenary500- My little brother who is finally old enough to be here. Annoying, yes, but he can also be very sweet and is a budding artist.

:iconbrenna-girl: Brenna-Girl- I haven't known Brenna for very long, but she's such a sweet and talented artist! She always cares about others, and is just the absolute best! I may have only met her here on deviantART...but I'm glad I did.

DeviantART Friends

:iconculinary-alchemist: Culinary-Alchemist- Cu-Cu is a really great person with an awesome TMNT AU. I can't remember how we met exactly, but it's been a fun time since I did.

:iconfearless-leader-leo: Fearless-Leader-Leo- An awesome Leonardo roleplayer who's also a wonderful friend.

:iconelileo: Elileo- Such a sweet deviant! A really hard worker with excellent art as good as her heart. Which means it's really good.

Honorable Mentions

:iconim-not-mad: Im-NOT-mad- A Raphael roleplayer who really knows what they're doing.

:iconyinller: yinller- A really cool artist who is turning my fanfiction into a comic.

:iconbramblemask973: Bramblemask973- A wonderful person, always so kind with their bubbly attitude.

Really Awesome Artists That I Don't Know As Well As I Should

:iconjayjayrey: JayJayRey- I love her Fallen comic, and her style. They're awesome.

:icondragona15: Dragona15- Really nice art, although I don't always agree with some of themes. Definitely worth a check out!

:iconrachelerica: RachelErica- A budding artist who is just plain awesome. Super sweet, runs awesome contests.

:icontenshilove: Tenshilove- An absolutely amazing artist who just very sweet! I would definitely advise you to check her out.

People Who Have Supported Me

:icongrrrrlz: Grrrrlz

:iconjust-call-me-j: Just-Call-Me-J


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756 / 1,000
To turn some of my fanfictions into comics, and for gifts for my beloved younger sister (can't call her little- she's a budding fourteen year old!)! So if you want to make a very special girl/young woman very happy, you can help out by donating! I'd appreciate it, and she's probably going to cry when I surprise her with her gift!


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Hey guys!  This is Yin, and I definitely have to say long time no see!  I know I kinda dropped of the surface of the planet for a while, but for the time being I am back baby!  I've finally found a good schedule that manages my time, and I can write more, so that means more TMNT fan fictions, more TMNT one shots, more catching up with my fellow TMNT collaborates, and more earning points to pay y'all for more awesome pieces of TMNT art!  If you guys noticed, I recently submitted not, but two chapters to my Same As It Never Was Origins story.  I thought I would give you guys a little bit of information about the series, and to see if any of my new followers would be interested in seeing more work like this coming from me!  Anyways, enough with the ramblings, here's what I got on here to do!

Title: Same As It Never Was Origins: Phase I
Name: Slumber's Torture
Fanfiction Link:…
Description: Donatello suffers from a series of nightmares depicting a terrifying and brutal future. His family despises one another, the world has fallen to the Shredder, and he must battle against an enemy that none can kill, though many have tried. Only one question remains: Is he actually dreaming? 
Universe: 2012 Cartoon series
Setting: Same As It Never Was/SAINW
Chapter: Fourteen, 14
Word Count: Thirty four thousand one hundred and twelve/34,112
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Angst/Suspense/Tragedy
Language: English
Theme Song: "Awake and Alive" by Skillet 
Status: Complete

And here is the picture that sums up the entire story, beautifully done by 1234LERT7Nan2 :
Slumber's Torture by YAYProductions

And this beautiful piece by Inkyness :
Stark Reality by YAYProductions

Title: Same As It Never Was Origins: Phase II
Name: The Monster Inside
Description: Donatello is snapped back to reality from the realm of dreams, only to discover that he has a greater battle to deal within himself. Is the monster within an alien attempt to murder his family? Or is it merely his true self coming up from the depths of his mind? 
Universe: 2012 Cartoon series
Setting: Good Genes/future Same As It Never Was/future SAINW
Chapter: Fourteen, 14
Word Count: Twenty one thousand three hundred and thirty seven/21,337
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Angst/Suspense/Tragedy
Language: English
Theme Song: "Monster" by Skillet
Status: Complete

And here is the picture that sums up the entire story, beautifully done by ninalanfer :
The Monster Inside by YAYProductions

Title: Same As It Never Was Origins: Phase III
Name: Insanity
Description: Donnie thought he had been cured from the secondary mutation, but his sanity begs to question that. As he falls apart, his actions drive his family to help him discover himself once again. As his most powerful aspect begins to crumble, a twisted mastermind makes his way into the world. 
Universe: 2012 Cartoon series
Setting: Same As It Never Was/SAINW
Chapter: Twenty Six, 26
Word Count: Forty one thousand one hundred and ninety two/41,192
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Angst/Suspense/Tragedy
Language: English
Theme Song: "Hero" by Skillet
Status: Complete

And here is the picture that sums up the entire story, beautifully done by yinller :
What The Future Holds by YAYProductions

And this beautiful piece done by AnoSheakai :
Lost Within by YAYProductions

Title: Same As It Never Was Origins: Phase IV
Name: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Description: After abandoning his brothers, Don returns to New York, only to find it in ruins. Families destroyed, insanity reigning, and now he wants more than blood- he lusts after death. With a chance for a flower to bloom, he may crush it before it sees hope of the light of day.
Universe: 2012 Cartoon series
Setting: Same As It Never Was/SAINW
Chapter: In progress
Word Count: In progress
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Angst/Suspense/Tragedy
Language: English
Theme Song: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons
Status: In progress
And here are two pictures that sums up the entire story, beautifully done by Brenna-Girl :
Under The Moon by YAYProductions

A Little Tender Loving Care 2.0 by YAYProductions

And this beautiful piece by Inkyness :
One Last Goodbye by YAYProductions

And finally, I want to give special credit to yinller for the wonderful comic pieces on the first two chapters of Slumber's Torture.  I absolutely love the cover for it!
Slumber's Torture: Cover by YAYProductions

Anyways, I do hope to have more out for you guys very, very soon, and I will try to be on more often and reply to everyone's messages.

On another note, I am looking for everyone's suggestions for who you would think would be the best voice actors for my series if it were turned into an anime ;)

Have a blessed day!

-Yin :iconpurpleheartplz:

Watch it. I freaking double doggie dare you.
Slumber's Torture and The Monster Inside got Second Place for Best TMNT Fanfiction Series of 2013!!! I'm so pumped!

Now I have to go do school...and then head off to work...

Oh! I'm also an official published author according to my college now!!! My work has made it into the magazine! BOTH pieces that I submitted made it!!! I'm so excited!

And I have to go...toodles!!!

-Yin :iconpurpleheartplz:
Hey everybody!  It's your friendly, neighborhood Yin peering up from her rock!  I have LOTS of news currently, so I'll try and get through this as quickly as possible.

1) Slumber's Torture and The Monster Inside were both nominated for StealthyStories competition!  I am so excited!
2) I have a full time job!
3) The next chapter to SAINWO is underway!
4) Today is my and Garrison005's 6-month anniversary!
5) I have joined Quotev to post fanfiction!
6) I have also joined StealthyStoriesII!…

That's all I can think of brain is exhausted. I got a little over 5 hours of sleep last night, work 9 1/2 hours yesterday, and was up at 7:15 this morning and then worked after going out to breakfast with my boyfriend and his mom (and after we watched Avengers! Double whoop for an awesome day!).

If y'all know any other forums or sites i can post TMNT fanfictions, I would be forever indebted. Thanks!


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