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My very first episode of Operation: Fanfiction has finally been uploaded.  You can find it here:

My very first reading, review, and rating was of Culinary-Alchemist's "One Small Turtle".  You should all go and check it out!
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    Silence.  At first that was all Donatello heard.  If only one could hear pure and utter silence.  It was dangerously beautiful.  He could revel in its magnificence, but usually silence was ever so painful as well.  Right now sound was not only silent, but pain was as well.  And sight, and touch, and smell, and taste.  It was all silent.  Was he dead?  Was it finally over?  He wanted to grin, to dance, to leap for joy in his deathness.  If this was death, he was in heaven.  His heart soared.

    He choked suddenly.  It was all coming back.  Slowly, with his heart soaring and beating in his chest, he was coming back.  Darkness began to turn to light before his closed eyes, the smell of alcohol filling his nostrils.  He could taste his blood still, he could hear the beeping of the machines.  Not the machines...he couldn’t move...hey would pierce through him again...the cold metal being left in his flesh.  The pain was returning in full force, but stopped.  The sounds he heard were ones of anguish, garbled, but familiar.  He wanted to reach out, to open his eyes, but they were so heavy.  He could barely focus on what he needed to for survival.  He had to move, if only to avoid what was coming for a single second.  Anything to give him one second of relief.  But he could not move.  He remembered this...being strapped by the wrists and ankles as they poked and prodded.  That was when he had it easy.  Before the trials.

    A soft hand stroked his face, and he jumped, all of his senses now fully online.  His eyes flew open, and he barred his teeth.  The light above his head was just blinding as usual, but he would adjust.  He twisted his body violently, trying to break his bonds.  He knew he was going to tear his wrists again, but he began shouting at the top of his lungs.

    “I am going to kill you!  Every last rotting piece of you!  Do you hear me?!  I am going to kill you!”  He struggled, snapping his teeth as the hand recoiled.  “Let me go!  Let me show you what you have made!”

    “My son...”  

    That voice, they were using these tricks again.  It was not going to work.  He had no hope left, so how could he fall for it?  “You learned long ago that I will not go for your ploys...” He brought his voice so low into a snarl that he was almost surprised his voice did not cut out entirely.

    The light dimmed, moving to the side, and a face came into view.  “My son...”  Tears were not just dripping from the face he was staring at, but pouring down.  Drop by drop they fell onto his carapace.  “My dear, dear son.”

    Donatello only stared, tense and apprehensive.  “Let.  Me.  Go.”

    Green hands came up to his wrists, unbuckling the leather shackles that held him down.  In the moment they were free, he snapped, not caring that his legs were still bound.  He reached for the throat of the body the hands were attached to, staring the robot down.  A perfect representation of Raphael.  It was disgusting.  “Release me,” Donatello demanded.

    The bot only looked at him, unmoving.  Another, similar to Michelangelo, unlatched his feet.  In one swift move, Donatello swung a fist straight into the gut of the Kraang bot he was holding onto, leaping towards the other.  It backed off, and Donatello ran.

    He could only the words, “Let him go,” as he raced out the room.  Why?  What it going to be today?  What surprises would he have to endure?  A booby trapped maze?  They enjoyed testing his intellect alongside his physical form, pushing the boundaries of both.

    His feet could not carry him far, but far enough would be fine.  His neck ached, his scars ached, his muscles and bones ached.  His head ached.  But he gasped as he ran into a room that he knew far too well.  How could the Kraang have known the lair so well?  Were they able to finally use their probes to take all his memories?  They had such difficulties in the past with his mutant brain.

    Donatello begged for his body to move, but with each step, he began to decelerate.  His knees buckled underneath, but before he could hit the floor, someone caught him.  “I’ve got you, Donnie,” Leo’s voice echoed to him.  “And I am never going to let you go,” The words were almost gasped out.  But how many times had he heard them?  How many times had he allowed them to work?  How many times had he paid the price?  But he was too exhausted to fight back.  Surely they would know that.  They always got a kick of bringing him just to the edge before giving him enough time to heal within a hair’s breadth of living.

    Someone came up beside him.  It was the Raphael styled one, reluctant, but helpful.  They begin carrying him back to the bed, but he knew what they were going to do.  If he was in a bed, they were going to use the mutagen.  They were going to make his mind nothing more than mud, before bouncing it back to his current state.  It had some nasty side effects, but it could be worse.  It could be so much worse.

    They didn’t strap him back in this time.  They knew he wasn’t going anywhere, their sensors probably proved that.  A face mask was attached over his mouth and nostrils, and fresh air flowed, allowing him to breathe.  Waiting, waiting for it to be over, he could do nothing but wait as the fresh air filled his lungs.  Nothing, nothing, and more nothing.  The being beside him was barely out of his peripheral range, but it was too quiet, too unmoving.  An occasional hum came from it, but then its towering frame moved towards his direction.  He jumped, still waiting.  He was disgusted with how perfect they had made his father.  More grey in his fur this time, thinner than before, but a direct mockery of his beloved master.

    “Donatello, my son.  I understand that you cannot comprehend this, but I will prove it to you.  You are safe, and you have no need to worry.  Over time, you will learn this, but for now, you need to rest.  Rest your mind, my son.  Rest...”  The hand passed over his face, and almost like magic, he closed his eyes, unable to lift them again.  His mind, as powerful as it was, found it impossible to function, and he slipped into the welcoming realm of silence and darkness once more.  Impossible, was his last thought before succumbing fully to power of the spoken words.

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   Peering back into the hole, he watched his brother beginning to crumple.  He reached through, grasping ahold of his leg, and yanked him down to the ground.  He did not care for one second that he was going to hurt Mikey as he dragged him over metal and gravel, because he knew that the Kraang would do far worse things to him if they could get their tentacles on him.  He had seen it with his own eyes.  There had been so many, with so few coming out alive.  If he turned around, he would see the latest damage done to his family.

    Pulling his brother up sharply, Raphael wrapped Mikey’s arm around his neck, practically dragging him behind Leonardo.  Swinging his little brother into the van, he nodded at Casey while he revved up the engine.  They were breaking the speed limit before he even had the door closed.  They were streaking down the streets, but he knew they were being followed.  As much as he had tinkered with this old rust bucket, he knew it could not outrun alien technology.

    Adrenalin was coursing through his veins with such a ferocity that he didn’t realize he was grinding his teeth until his jaw popped.  All he wanted to do was place his head between his knees and try not to vomit, but he had more important priorities.  His first prerogative, as simple and stupid as it seemed, was to stabilize Mikey.  He couldn’t do much for his other brother, laying there stone cold.  The first aid kit that he was so fluent with, even in helping the others before him, was useless yet again.  He had seen worse- that was for sure.  But many of those in better condition than this had died, and there was nothing he could do about.  As much of a brute he was, he had become fluent in medical care, much like his family.  In this profession, it was necessary.  All the heavy equipment was back home in the medical bay.  He couldn’t count how many bodies he had seen seize up like the one in front of him, or how many first stage mutants literally just fell apart into the same jelly that Timothy was made of.  They couldn’t handle it.  The bleeding, butchered carcasses of the Kraang’s experimentation.  The ones that starved while they were feeding them because they were so malnourished, or the ones that ate themselves to death.  So few had even lived, and even then, he questioned some of their sanity.  There was nothing left of their home but a refuge for the strange, odd, quirky, or dejected.  The battered and broken.  It was so hard to think that merely a year and a half ago all he knew were his three brothers and his father.  Now they were a sanctuary to mutants and humans alike.

    As cruel as it was though, he would trade them all for the being in front of him.  It was his fault that his beloved brother had been taken months ago, and it was his fault that the words to describe Donatello were simply indescribable.  It was horrifying, but he forced himself to stare as he rubbed the electric shock from Mikey’s leg.  Leonardo plucked the tracker from him, and as the van slowed- or rather braked several times abruptly- he held onto Mikey to keep him from falling.  If only they knew his grief, the blame he put on himself.  But his pain was none as what his little brother Donnie must have gone through.  Although he had always towered over him, Raphael still looked down at him, in the best brotherly way possible.  And now he was nothing but skin and bones.  Or bones...because what was left of anything else was melting away.  His cheeks were so hollow, his eyes so sunken, his skin so tattered.  Raphael may have seen this before, but it was different.  Ever since they had found the first mutant that had truly been tortured- Jason, they had realized that they had to become numb, because rattled ninjas were not effective ninjas.  Timothy and Garson had been pretty easy to deal with, simply because they were just not that humanoid anymore.  But Jason?  Jason was just a kid, but the obvious torment was toxic.  The kid still had nightmares.  

    Their finding of him had...shaken them up pretty badly, to say the least.  What they hadn’t known at the time though, was that it was going to prepare them for everything else.  But this?  This was unbearable.  This was their brother.  More importantly, this was his brother.

    Casey jumped out the van as April opened the van, no doubt prepared to take care of their injuries, or another mutated freak.  They always brought someone back, dead or alive.  But the sound she made...oh God...Casey barely caught her before she dropped to the floor.  She and Donnie had always been close, but their flirtationship had been cut short.  Out of the four of them, he had been her best friend, crushes aside.  Splinter was there, ready with Dr. Rockwell.  The look in his father’s face was odd though- he had known.  He had known that Donatello would be with them.  He had known that he was going to be this mangled, this...hacked apart.  And he was ready.  All those years of meditation must have actually done something, for him to know today.  For him to have, in Raphael’s opinion, wasted time meditating the months while they had been looking for him, and for him to be prepared right now.  He knew.  He had probably always known.

    Donatello was shivering, and as Raphael helped carry him, he knew that his brother did not have long.  He was as ice, even in the warmth of the sewer.  He didn’t even seem to fit in his own shell, which seemed dead from undernourishment.  His shell seemed...dead.  That concept just swung like a pendulum in Raphael’s mind, his throat choking up as he watched the good doctor struggle to even find a vein for an IV.  All that he could think was maybe they should just let Donnie go.


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:iconim-not-mad: Im-NOT-mad- A Raphael roleplayer who really knows what they're doing.

:iconyinller: yinller- A really cool artist who is turning my fanfiction into a comic.

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My very first episode of Operation: Fanfiction has finally been uploaded.  You can find it here:

My very first reading, review, and rating was of Culinary-Alchemist's "One Small Turtle".  You should all go and check it out!
Scepter=cause of Same As It Never Was

Here's my FF Reviewer account: OperationFanfiction. Submit your fave stories to be reviewed!
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