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And y'all thought I was dead again XD Operation:Fanfiction is a go!

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 The burning sensation around his eyes stung as the tears etched across his face.  The taste of salt entered his mouth as the drizzle turned into a flow.  Back flips, front flips, cartwheels, and twists made him fly, and the droplets flung themselves around.  They were scattered onto the walls and floor as they soared through the air.  He had to stay on top of things, protect those he held closest.  He couldn’t focus on what he had seen.  What he was seeing.  What he could never erase from his mind.

    Donnie had always been the thinnest of the four of them.  He spent so much time in his lab, that he often forgot to eat.  He had a tough frame though, as Splinter would pull him out by his ears sometimes and make him drink tea and train with the rest of them.  Splinter always encouraged their unique gifts, but he believed in balance.

    Striking a Kraang in the chest, Mikey pulled away, watching as the nasty, gooey, life force oozed out of it.  Alien blood was nasty and disgusting.  Phaser beams surrounded him, but he was lucky.  It wasn’t that the Kraang were bad shots, it was just that they did not inflict enough damage.  A shot to the shell was barely noticeable, and as long as it didn’t hit you in the face, the pain it would rake across his arms and legs was similar to someone tickling him and pricking him with a punch of needles at the same time.  Donnie told them before that it was messing up their nervous-y system or something like that.  He always said that it would wear off pretty quickly, and it always did.

    Lately though, as Mikey and Raph and Leo had discovered, the Kraang’s game had become stronger.  The bruises and bouts of paralysis during battle had become more frequent, no doubt a direct result from immediate changes their enemy would make.

    As much as he tried to be himself at home though, Mikey found the loss of his best friend and brother disheartening.  To top that off with the impossible mission of finding Donatello, and the discovery of other mutants that had been...messed with and experimented on had left Michelangelo the jokester straining to keep a smile for his father and remaining brothers.  Even April’s hopeful smile had long faded, and Casey’s seriousness had evolved into brooding worse than Raph.  Leo did nothing but plan and spar with Raph.  The temperamental one of the family never slept, but so often would sneak out of the house to reign terror on any hoodlum he could.  He got the most tips, including this one.  And this time, he was right.  Splinter rarely approved of their outings, and instead meditated.  His mutant body had been weakening, between stress and the claim he had of a mental connection with Donatello.  Mikey didn’t know if it was true or not, but it didn’t really matter.  All he knew was that they had to save his brother.  That Donnie’s life was at stake, and he would do whatever he had to do to save him.  They would work together, be a family again.  Everything would be good again.  Normal.

    At least, as normal as four teenage ninja turtles could get living underneath the city of New York with their sensei and two human friends taking care of other mutants could be.  

    Guarding Leo, Donnie, and Raph as they crawled out of the breach, he could feel his muscles, as defined as they were, stiffen and freeze.  Within minutes, seconds perhaps, he wouldn’t be able to move his leg.

    Flinching at Raph’s firm grasp at his ankle, Mikey could feel himself being pulled out.  Standing him up quickly, Raph wrapped his arm around his shoulder, supporting him.  Because that was Raphael- the column and cornerstone in the temple of their family.  At least, that was how Splinter always put it.  He would be hard, and seemingly uncaring at times, but he needed to be.

    The van sprang to life as Casey roared the engine.  He was their getaway, and he was very good at it.  They were sailing down the streets, and Mikey knew sirens would accompany them soon.  His leg was jumping all over the place, and his hands were shaking.  Raph was massaging his calf, but his mind, like the rest of them, was elsewhere.

    Looking up, Mikey did not want to see.  He didn’t, after all the time he spent in wanting to, look at the mangled corpse of his brother.  That’s all he looked like.  Something dead, no life in him.  Blood was caked on his forehead, and his breaths were so shallow, he could hardly notice them.  His skin was pale, peeling like a human with really bad sunburn.  His nails- oh God- were near gone.  They had been ripped out.  Whatever was left had blood and dirt crammed under them.

    As Casey took a sharp turn into the entrance of the sewers, Leo drew his katana.  Mikey did not understand what he was doing, but Raph seemed to acknowledge.  His heart nearly stopped as Leo drew the blade through Donnie’s spine.  His body started twitching, and Mikey did not want to look.  Just in the nick of time, Leo pulled something from the bloody mess.

    The scream that Donnie let out was nothing he had ever heard before today.  It was the same sound that he heard outside of his brother’s cell, magnified tenfold.  Donnie was thrashing, convulsing with spasms.  His warm, brown eyes were a dark red, his pupils so dilated Mikey thought he would be blind.

    As Casey slammed on the brakes, Mikey flew forward.  Donnie was still once again.  He still trembled though, but Mikey dare not touch him.  He would have to find the best way to bring comfort to his brother.

    As Raph yanked him back up in the sitting position, Mikey glanced over to Leo.  He was squeezing his fist until a very satifying crunch was heard.  Kicking the window open slightly, Raph nodded as Leo threw out whatever it was.  It didn’t matter to MIkey.  He trusted that they caught on to something he did not.

    Settling on the terrifying view in front of him, he wished they could get home soon.  It was taking far too long, and even though he would never admit it to anyone else, he was afraid.  He was afraid of what happened to Donnie.  He was afraid of what Donnie would do next.  He was afraid of what Leo would do, or Raph.  He was afraid of what was happening to his own body, but the tremors were starting to slow at least.

    Casey braked abruptly, and Mikey tried to stand.  The door had swung open, and April’s sob made him grind his teeth.  He had to think of this as a victory.  This was not a loss, they had not lost anyone.  They had won.

    They had won.  They had won their brother back.
Different As It Always Will Be: Part III //SAINW//
A redo to my old series //Same As It Never Was//!!! I have many new ideas, and after deciding to rededicate myself to writing, I have a lot of hope.  Don't give up on me yet!

Part II:…

Part IV: Coming Soon!

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   He thought the sewer smelled bad.  The stench of burning flesh though- that was a real kicker.  It wasn’t quite like a barbecue, no it was very distinct.  The strong aroma was a genuine amalgam of ingredients.  Anything from that metallic copper smell that pennies and blood have in common, to charcoal and even sulfurous rotten eggs that have mixed in with pungent, briny water.  It was fatty with a biting, acrid tinge to it.  But unlike human flesh, this had a fishy undertone to it.  Rancid, algae like with scum on top.  Basically, like any one of his brothers after they had been shot with a some alien photon phaser what do you call it, and then didn’t shower after a week of workouts.  It was disgusting.

    What terrified Leonardo the most though was the source of the smell.  The sealed door could not keep it at bay.  Whatever was inside was foul, twisted, and broken.  His assumption was that it was an unclean, but frequently used, burden of torment.  A torture device that he did not want to see.  

    Gesturing for Raphael and Michelangelo, they prepared themselves.  The sounds coming from within were grotesque, like an animalistic moan and a garbled cry.  A broken sob within a mutilated growl.  A sharp, piercing sound followed, as if someone was crashing boulders together.  The blubbering howl was too much for him to bear.  Apparently, his brothers agreed with him without saying a word.

    Raphael proceeded to wedge the razor sharp tips of his sais into the airtight crevice.  Another shaking and desperate plea erupted from behind the locked doors as they struggled to open the portal to the disturbed soul.  Whatever was being done to it, they had to do something.  Anything to help bring them a step closer to their brother.  Even an inch forward to where Donatello might be.

    With an almost satisfying pop and expulsion of compressed air, the forbidden entry opened.  The room was so dark shapes could hardly be seen with the naked eye.

    And then the figure in the corner moved.  Quickly, in a determined succession, hurling itself into the chipped, sharp wall.  Like so many others, it was in a trance of sorts, as if possessed.  Its one mindset, zombie in nature, was to propel itself once again.

    The final crack was nauseating.  It crumpled to the ground, unable to move as he rushed over to its gaunt form.  Liquid, blood he knew, covered the floor.  Bones of the sewer rats it had consumed to survive littered the floor, turning his stomach.

    Finally reaching into the abyss, Leonardo and Raphael grabbed him before turning to Mikey, who was standing guard at the door.  He could feel the tremors of the poor creature, its feet dragging the ground.

    It was Michelangelo who noticed first.  Of course he did, he had the advantage of the light.  His shaky tone was filled with fear, apprehension, and a shocked exasperation.  Leo’s eyes finally fell to what now Raph was looking at as well, and his mind could not hardly process it.

    Contorted, disfigured, lacerated and maimed.  That was only the beginning of the description, the first words that filled his searching and failing intellect.  Not one of the three of them could breathe his name, nor utter the now pure and unblinded outrage that coursed through their systems.

    It was paralyzing for them to see him this way.  It was a strangling sensation, a burning freeze to their steps.  They had found so many others like him before, some in worse conditions and some in better, but they had always been looking for him.  They had been looking for Donatello.  The Donnie they knew, he was six foot tall, lanky but muscular.  Strong but inventive, the purple bandana almost always around his face.  His eyes, even when troubled, sparkled with an untamed genius.  But this...this gargoyle was not Donatello.  It was thin, starved.  Its eyes were sunken, rolled back into its head and bloodshot.  Its skin was scarred, and as he held it, he knew that the suffocating odor was coming from its body.  Fresh burns laced its face and arms, the carapace cracked and fractured.  One of the legs had been broken before and poorly set definitely a long time ago, no doubt a poor attempt by his brother’s fragmented efforts.  It was crooked, crippling.  

    At first they merely glanced at one another, and then the shockingly quiet hallway.  In one step, they exited the dungeon, and in less than a millisecond, alarms started blaring.  The dim haze of white light turned to flashing colors, predominantly red.  His brother had a tracker in him, and they had to figure out where it was and how to get it out.

    It was then that Raphael showed the side of himself that was underneath the constant brooding shell.  Grabbing Donatello’s arm, he pressed it through the door.  The alarms stayed, and the unholy music of droids marching drew closer.  Raph cursed under his breath, but tried the other arm.  It was then that Leo realized what their famed hothead of a brother was doing.  It was now or never.

    Pressing Donnie’s back into the sensor, he noticed no change until the back of his neck snapped backwards.  A slight light change, a different warning.  He knew where the device was that they could use to follow, tail, and find them.

    Right now, their first course of action was to escape.  They could outrun the pink, brainy aliens long enough to give them the time they needed to remove whatever they needed to.

    Leonardo could only hope that they did not have any other surprises that would try to climb up their shells.  They just needed to get their brother home.  To be more specific, whatever was left of their brother.

    Racing down the corridor, Mikey took the lead, the side, and behind.  His unending energy had made them become confident in his defensive skills.  He could be everywhere he needed to be, as he so used to remind them when they wound up with a water balloon or cream pie in their face.  Raphael had the endurance and strength it would take to get Donnie home safely.

    But Leonardo, he had the precision.  The decision.  And with so much at stake, neither of his once trouble making brothers questioned his commands.

    They soared through the air, gliding across the floors with the accuracy of only those of their kind.  Ninjas, trained in only the best martial arts.

    Somehow Mikey kept the bots away.  As Leo exited through the hole they had made to break in, Raphael pushed Donatello out.  Picking him up, Leo barely turned back to make sure his younger brothers would make it out.  He couldn’t sacrifice one of them, not a single one.  He couldn’t do this again.

    And then there they were, at his side.  Driving their mishap of a vehicle was Casey Jones, an ally he knew they could trust to be there.  He was reckless, a rule breaker, and speedster, but right now that was exactly what they needed.  It felt like an eternity passed in seconds as their trip down busy New York roads turned into dark, dank sewer tunnels.  Pulling out his smooth, katana , he could do nothing but apologize to the pain he was about to inflict on his brother.  Slicing ever so gently as to not damage any more nerves, he flicked the edge of his blade to the underside of the chip.  It was not connected to his brother, but merely implanted.

    Donatello screamed, the pain reaction very delayed.  His wild eyes flickered as Leo quickly removed the bit, crushing it and throwing it out the window.  His brother’s body flailed violently, and at first they just sat there, unsure of whether to hold him down, or to let him do what he needed to.  It didn’t matter though, as just as quickly his response was, so was his decline.  His poor, naked body collapsed, fresh blood trickling down the back of his neck.  If Leo had been any less careful, Donatello’s spine would have been severed.

    Staring blankly, Leo could not stop the tears from overwhelmingly caress his cheeks.  His heart was shattered as he gazed at the still form that lay at his feet.  His brother, the genius.  His brother, the animal.  His brother...fighting a seemingly unending fight.

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    The cold darkness of the cell was a great relief to him.  Nothing could be more welcoming at this point.  He rested back, his shell propped in the corner, not a single ounce of light entering his eyes.  Sometimes he did not know if they were closed or open in the pitch black, but he was okay with that.  The thought of the glare that so often permeated his sight was enough to make him choke though, his hands shaking as he attempted to wrap them around his legs.  His raw, bare skin was torn, and he could feel the warmth of the blood dripping ever so cautiously down his face, arms, and torso.  His toes curled to the best of their ability, the memory of the shocking still so recent.  The shocking, he finally surmised, was worse than the cutting.  His durability to throwing stars, katana blades, sais, and nunchaku had grown thick, but the electricity still reached down into his core.  The seizures were also growing worse though.  Silently, he wished that the drowning feeling would last long enough that he would suffocate.  He had passed out many times, especially in the beginning, but now his body was fighting against that too.

    Donatello desperately wished that it wouldn’t.

    His mind wavered, exhaustion overcoming him.  While before he tried to get as much rest as possible, now his care for sleep had left.  He knew well after studying the Russian experiments that a sleep deprived person will go crazy, and then promptly perish.  Although he already felt like he was out of his mind, the last part appealed to him.

    Death?  Death was the one friend that would never visit.

    Shifting ever so slightly, Donatello stifled a moan.  No broken bones today, which he guessed was a good thing.  For now anyways.  If they were easier on him this time, they were probably going to be more difficult tomorrow.  Hopefully he wouldn’t have to jump through the hoops.  But he would prefer the hoops over the table...if they tried to shove one more probe down his throat or up his...well, he wished they understood the concept of anesthesia.  He was too weak to struggle at this moment, but tomorrow?  He was going to try and take as many with him as possible.  He did not care how unmanly it was to go kicking and screaming- it was his only avenue to take out his anger sometimes.

    His thoughts seemed to go blank as the pain in his chest began to erupt again.  Leaning his head back, Donatello gasped, clenching his teeth ever so tightly.  How many times had he nearly bitten off his own tongue?  How many times had he hoped to choke on his own fluids?  To let the poison drip into him, to let it take him away?  Why couldn’t he just will himself into the next world?

    And yet he continued to fight.  Not for his own sake, no.  Only because he knew what they were doing to him.  Pushing one’s physical boundaries was one thing, but mental manipulation was another.  The way they bore his brothers’ masks, the way they mimicked their voices.  The taunting of his father...the self deprecating tone that would erupt from his own mouth.  They were doing everything they could to make him associate his family, and himself, with pain.

    His first course of action was to ignore it, but that wore quickly.  His attempt to imagine April O’Neil, the ginger that he had been crushing on for well over a year, had turned against him when he called her name out once.  Just once, and that was all it took.  They knew her, and were using her against him now too.  His ability to daydream of days past had been stripped of him, and he could hardly even remember the stench of the sewers he called home.  The laboratory that he had locked himself away in so often for so many hours was long forgotten, and the memories of the loving embraces his family would hold him in were long gone.  He had no memories except for this existence, as the term life could not describe it.  He was down to his last resort, and even now his obsessive chanting was becoming ore droll with time.  But he could not forget...he could not forget that he was Hamato Donatello.  And Hamato Donatello had a family that loved him, even if those thoughts of closeness had left him long ago.

    The surges that were wearing down his body had taken their toll.  At this point, he knew not why breath remained with him.  By ending his life, he would end their attempts.  They needed him alive, and he was not going to let them break him.

    Standing slowly, Donatello rose, turning around and facing the corner he was in.  Closing his eyes softly, he fingered the stone,and braced himself.  He took a sharp breath in, and held it.

    He could see stars.  His head pounded, the shock rattled his body.  Grabbing the wall the steady himself, he slammed his skull against it again.  He crumpled to the ground, barring his teeth.  Again...he could do it again until he couldn’t.

    As the feeling in his neck tightened, he hoped this time would snap it.  Oh...the beauty in dying.  He embraced its destruction, clung to its hope.  An ending wasn’t always bad, and every story had to come to an end.  He was ready for this one to end.

    Bone cracking chills caressed his body sweetly.  He could hear the mocking tones of his brothers, pretending to care as they carried him off into the light.  The light was bad, but he was gone.  The light couldn’t hurt him anymore, and neither could they.
    His form was limp, being dragged across the ground.  Strange sounds fell onto his near deaf ears, begging for recognition.  Commands, a motor roaring, the screams of pain.  The screams for him.  He wouldn’t fall for it this time.  They needed to let him die in peace.  In his own mangled pain.  He was tired of their pretending, he was tired of their abuse.

    A familiar smell drenched his nostrils in an overwhelming fog.  Only disgusting American, New York sewers smelled quite like that.  Only the rushing crash of the manhole cover made that sound.  Only the hushed, concerned voices that rose above him could be of his missed family.

     A jolting pain shattered his dying meditation, and all he could hear then was his own scream.
    Blonde hair stuck tightly to her sweaty forehead.  Slowly, she breathed in and out, grimacing.  She panted, tightened up, and moaned.  And he could do nothing but just sit there and stare.  “Love...” He whispered, reaching out for her.

    “No!” She flinched, turning away from him.  “Please...I need a moment...”

    Footsteps below them made him clench his Kamayari.  The scythe seemed so impractical at the moment though.  If he had a bow he could quietly take the Foot soldiers out one by one.

    “Nyah!” She called out, tears pouring down her face.  This was all his fault.  This was all his fault.  This was all his fault.  The soldiers were coming to them, scrambling up the rooftop.

    The night air crackled with lightning as Donatello stood up.  His mask, torn and so dark purple that it seemed black, whipped in the wind.  He stood between them and her.

    “It’s the dark one,” They whispered cowardly.  There were hesitant to take him on, he had built a reputation for himself.  He was a killer in these times.  He had to be, to protect what he loved.

    “!” She shrieked, her hands trembling as she held her swollen stomach.

    “One moment Em,” He needed to be with her.  He said he would be with her during this...he had to be.  A brave one charge at him, and the others followed suit.  He had taken down units three times their size, but this time, it was different.  She was at risk more.  She couldn’t fight, she couldn’t hide.  She was vulnerable.

    He swung his blade, clipping the first man’s throat.  In swinging his perfect weapon behind him, he brought it back up, cracking the blunt end onto the second one’s head sharply.  With a detail oriented strike, he bent his angle, and caught another between the legs.  Blood poured all around him, and he felt a snarl rising from his throat.  He growled, glaring at the final soldiers.

    “Hamato Donatello!” Emily’s voice rang out to him.  He had to watch himself.  Don’t focus on killing them all.  Don’t focus on the bloodlust.  Just save her.

    They are still cowards.  They run now.  The Shredder no longer trains them like he ought to, but Donatello will not complain.  

    “Gah!” She cried, and he rushed over to her.  He was still listening for his enemy’s cronies, but his attention was elsewhere.

    She was trying to rip her clothes off.  She was freaking getting ready to do this right here and right now.  But they couldn’t.  He had everything ready at his lab, everything was setup, no not here.  Anywhere but here in the open.  “Honey, not here-”

    “Oh yes!  Right here, right now!”  There was no way around it.  He couldn’t move her, she wasn’t going anywhere.

    There was more blood.  Her blood.  Her tears.  Her cries.

    Not her cries.  They were not her cries.

    It was just laying there.  Crying.  It was crying.

    His theory was right.  It didn’t have an umbilical cord.  It took after him.  It looked like him.  Three fingers.  Green skin.  Turtle shell.  She was small, born early.  That would make sense.  A human body should not have even been able to conceive a viable embryo, and yet his Emily had.  They had both theorized what would happen, but they didn’t know.  They could only test so far.  They didn’t know how long she would carry the infant or how developed the child would be.  But here she was, crying.  Breathing.  Trying to disappear into her shell.

    He scooped her up very carefully.  She so pure in this hell they called home.  She could hold her head.  She was so well progressed.  The genes she had, as a natural born mutant and not a genetically altered animal or human, were perfect.  She didn’t fall apart like horrors he had seen in his lifetime, such as Timothy.  The Pulverizer turned Mutagen Man.  He could only shake his head at that.

    Emily reached for their daughter.  “She’s beautiful...”  She whispered as her finger stroked soft, downy hair that caressed the baby’s head.  Big blue eyes blinked up at them, her mouth silent for the moment.  She wasn’t lying on cold concrete anymore, but safely on the chest of her mouth.  She make a suckling motion, and Donatello knew that she would take her mother’s milk.

    What an odd hybrid.  What a beautiful hybrid.  What a beautiful baby.  Their baby girl.  Their daughter created by them.

    “I told you so...” Emily whispered.  “...I told you we could make something good.”

    Pulling Emily close to him, Donatello let out a sigh of relief.  They weren’t an ideal family in an ideal world.  They weren’t even an ideal family in the world they once knew.  But at least they were a family.  And he would do anything in his power to keep them safe.


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To turn some of my fanfictions into comics, and for gifts for my beloved younger sister (can't call her little- she's a budding fourteen year old!)! So if you want to make a very special girl/young woman very happy, you can help out by donating! I'd appreciate it, and she's probably going to cry when I surprise her with her gift!


:star: Have you ever wanted to make a movie? A real professional movie? Of course you have!

Unfortunately, it's just not that easy you say. Wanting something and actually having it are two completely different things.

But not anymore! Now, you can just send your home videos to us and we'll make your movie for you! And better yet, it's inexpensive. What can be better?

Need an anniversary present? What about a birthday? Looking for the perfect holiday gift? We do it all! Shoot us an email!

:star: Have any questions? Want to make your movie? Email us at:

You can also note us here on DeviantArt.

:star: Prices:

If you ever wanted a movie starring YOU- well here's your chance! And best of all, it's affordable!

Your movie will include it's own DVD case, with a full color cover, Scene Selections, and it's own movie Trailer!

20 Minute Movies- $20.00
30 Minute Movies- $25.00

Longer movies are available upon request.

Did you know that we also do slideshows? That's right! Just email us your pictures, and in no time you'll have a professional slideshow. Great for graduation, Sweet Sixteens, or whatever you want!

10 Minute Slideshow- $6.00
15 Minute Slideshow- $8.00
20 Minute Slideshow- $10.00

Want multiple copies of your work? That's no problem! We offer discounted prices for your selections!

:star: Reminder!

Here's a friendly reminder-
These movies (and slideshows) are to be family oriented. Nothing is to be over PG, and we would like it to remain so. As such, videos and/or pictures should not include any sexual scenes or language.

:star: Notice!

Here's a quick note- we do have Paypal for those interested!

Thank you!

:star: Check out our website here:

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Here's my FF Reviewer account: OperationFanfiction. Submit your fave stories to be reviewed!
Hey guys, would be interested if I made a Youtube channel and reviewed fanfictions? I'm just curious :)
My first eBook!!! It's called Phonetics: ABCDeath!!! Check it out here… for only 9.99 USD!!!

Hi guys! Quick shout out- who would be interested in an audio version of Slumber's Torture for free?
So I hardly ever fill out a tag, but here I am, due to...missing dA life. I was tagged by MagentaCooly.

1) You must post these rules. 
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal. 
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags. That's just RUDE!
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Ten facts about moi:

1) What fandom has most influenced you?

Both Marvel and TMNT.

2) Last movie you watched?

Hm...does Forever count? The tv series?

3) What song is stuck in your head right now?

Hark! The Herald  Angles Sing, Silent Night, & Joy To The World.

4) Favorite sweet?

Cheesecake. In a heartbeat.

5) Are you a book lover?

Heck yeah!

6) Most memorable holiday?


7) Are you a brony or pegasister?


8) What is your favorite piece of work you've created?

That's Same As It Never Was Origins series. My favorite character that I've created is Dark Donatello :D However, I love the series Brenna-Girl and I partially worked on, Splintered In Time!

9) Favorite holiday?


10) Most memorable vacation?

Going to Tennessee :)

I tag...

And I'm just going to ask 5 questions cause I'm lazy XD

1) What is your first memory of me?
2) What is your favorite show?
3) Why are your filling this tag out?
4) Apritello or Capril?
5) Do you like zombies?

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